Alpine is proud to announce the MDRT Partnering Program, an incentive campaign geared toward building your business through increased performance and continuous sales development with the goal of qualifying for The Million Dollar Round Table. This program launched on January 1st, 2015, and will extend through the end of the calendar year to accomodate the qualification period for 2016 membership consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the program start: January 1st, 2015

When does the program end: December 31st, 2015

When is the event: June 2016 in Vancouver, Canada

What Gets Reimbursed?

  • MDRT Annual Membership
  • MDRT Meeting Registration
  • Hotel and Travel Expenses during the event

What else is included:  Exclusive group events, private dining experiences and unique outings in the city of Vancouver.  All events hosted by Alpine’s team throughout the duration of the conference

How do you qualify for the reimbursement program?  A producer must submit and place the full amount of target premium credits to qualify for membership with MDRT through Alpine. No exceptions will be made.

What is the amount of credits required to qualify for MDRT?  190,000 in target premium credits.

What products qualify?  All products are eligible for the Reimbursement Program, and are calculated as follows:

  • Term, UL, IUL, WL = Full commissionable target premium
  • SPWL, Linked Benefit(MG, TLC) = credits calculated as 6% of paid premium
  • DI, LTC = Full commissionable target premium
  • Fixed and Indexed Annuities = credits calculated as 6% of paid premium

Which producers are eligible?  All producers are elligible for the Reimbursement Program

Are there any exceptions for this program?  No, all producers and lines of business are eligible to qualify.

For information on the MDRT Reimbursement Program, please contact your Account Executive at 866.777.2006, or email our marketing team here.